Independent Contractor Statement 
Required for all associates:
Domestic: 1-800-630-0322, Inc. 93 South Jackson Street #24150, Seattle, WA 98104-2818

Independent Contractor Statement, Inc., its current and future subsidiaries including follow all of, Inc.'s rules and policies. An associate is any individual who represents and/or markets's services. There is no required investment on the part of's associates although some equipment and/or marketing materials may be optional, if an associate chooses. All associates are considered to be independent contractors, and we will send each associate a 1099 tax form of earnings and each associate will be responsible for his/her own taxes. associates are paid only after applications have been accepted and monies collected., Inc. does NOT require our associates to buy any of our products, leads, and/or marketing systems at any time.

All associates are considered to be already trained and professional in standing, can take full-advantage of their own experiences and use their own methods to market's services as long as there is no misrepresentation. abides by the guidelines of the FCC and FTC. All associates have the full ability to represent any other products and services with any other company, and it does not demand any services to be performed personally by its associates. Associates have the full freedom and flexibility to promote its services whenever they want and have the freedom to plan their own workdays. All associates are considered independent contractors and have the freedom to work where, when, and how they choose with no quotas.'s sample scripts are only samples and are NOT required to be used. Associates can work where ever they choose and are NOT considered homeworkers. Associates have the full freedom to use their own scripts, leads, locations of work, and all necessary marketing materials., Inc. does not assume any liability for associates method of marketing. It is the individual responsibility of each associate to follow all FCC, FTC, Internet, State, Federal, and International laws including the National Do Not Call Registry, which can be found at: also includes the receipt of company leads in which an associate may only call up to 3 months (or the current governing laws) from the date of request by the consumer. Any time a consumer makes a request not to be called, emailed, or contacted it is the responsibility of the associate to notify, Inc. thru the proper form submission provided on's website and the associate can not contact that consumer again., Inc. will not pay any fines, legal fees, nor any other expenses, which an associate may incur by not following any of the above laws and policies. does NOT support spamming or any type of unsolicited bulk Emailing. Associates who perform any of the above are liable directly, and will NOT assume any liabilities for these situations. cannot participate in the hiring, supervising, paying of assistants, furnishing tools, equipment, or materials of its associates.  Also, all associates can control their own marketing and marketing names in their own communities and realizes that many of its associates have ongoing current careers and has developed its paperwork and reporting of sales to be at a minimal. Internet access is necessary for the processing of customer information. has many options available and only wants to extend options to associates so they can accept or reject the various jobs according to their busy schedules.'s office is primarily used for interviewing, training, and administration, only. This enables its associates to work separately from where ever they would like throughout the entire country without being confined to the office. pays its associates only after applications are fully completed and monies collected. For PCI card holders who do cancel, all parties who received monies from that sale will be charged back, in full, if a refund is provided. pays its associates on a MAP (Monthly Automated Payment) program. Each party or parties receiving monies from that account can continue receiving their MAP monies each month, as long as all parties replace their lapsed accounts each month (lapsed= non-processable sales, cancellations, or any other account which does not stay on the books for any reason). The purpose for this is primarily for maintenance of accounts. In the event the receiving party or parties do not replace ALL of the lapsed accounts for a particular month, they will not be paid the MAP monies; however, when the receiving party or parties replace the lapsed accounts on subsequent months, the MAP monies will start up again, but are NOT retroactive. runs periodic promotions which may include waiving different services fees for consumers. If and when these promotions are run, there cannot be commissions paid out on the waived portions because there is no revenue generated; however, the other PCI card holders fee portions are commissionable.'s leads are the property of Due to our privacy policy, they can not be used for any other purposes other than for promoting If they are used for any other purposes, the associate can be disqualified from all of our lead programs and held financially liable. also reserves the right to use its leads, accounts, and/or any databases as necessary.

In the event terminates its contract with an associate, the associate will receive notice, and it is expected that an associate terminating his/her contract with will also provide notice. associates are not allowed to contact, take, or convert their accounts, which they have activated with to any other company or individual.

In the event an associate purchases supplies from, he or she is accountable for the total charge at the time of purchase and by the next subsequent payroll. Any of's long distance provided for personal calls will be deducted from the associate’s payroll account. reserves the right to change any of its marketing, rules, policies, pricing, and/or pay programs at any time. 

Associate access code credit:'s policy stands firm on the fact that whichever access code is submitted on an application is the one which will receive the credit, regardless as to the length and amount of communications by others. There will never be any double commissions paid out. There will also be NO reversals made unless all 3 parties are in full agreement and/or deems it to be necessary. In the event there is no access code or a non-active access code is submitted, it will be assumed that this particular activation was the result of a promotion and credit will go to the company, itself.

The payroll is mailed out on the 1st of each month for all applications processed the previous month.