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About Us


It is the priority of USJunkmail.com, Inc. to provide our customers with a simple and inexpensive means of reducing or eliminating most all unsolicited junk mail which packs America's mailboxes most every day including: catalogs, credit card promos, coupons, inserts, and much more. In eliminating postal junk mail we can:

● Help protect consumer identities
● Help preserve the environment
● Help consumers save precious time from having to wade through unwanted junk mail.


Broadly speaking, our overall aims are to help our customers to preserve personal identities, to limit the disclosure of private data to strangers, to shield homes from the intrusion of unwanted postal mail, to protect the environment from the significant waste created by junk mail, and to regain lost daily routines. Working together with our customers, the efforts of USJunkmail are focused on systematically addressing the direct mailers, mass marketers and personal information brokers who are behind the delivery of billions of tons of unwanted postal mail each month to households across the country. USJunkmail strives to assist customers with tailoring our systems to their specific needs, helping the direct marketers reduce unnecessary waste and expense, and unburdening our nation’s mail carriers from delivering massive loads of unwanted junk mail.

USJunkmail.com, Inc. was licensed in May of 2004 and has less than 1/1000 of 1% in complaints. It is considered in "good standing" with all state, federal, and recognized regulatory agencies.


With the help of USJunkmail.com, you can regain control of your postal mailbox and block that un-invited junk mail that greets you most every day.

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