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Regain control of your postal mailbox
Get rid of that unwanted postal junk mail!

Only $2.95/month

Protect your identity!
Almost 10,000,000 Americans a year are victims of identity theft, primarily through credit card and Social Security Number fraud.
Protect the environment!
The average mail box gets about 1.5 trees worth of junk mail every year.
Save yourself time!
No more having to wade through stacks of clutter to get to your important mail

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We will plant a tree for you!
When you enroll for a U.S.Junkmail services, we will plant a tree on your behalf!

Did you know?
More than 100 million trees’ worth of junk mail arrive in American mailboxes each year---the equivalent of deforesting the Rocky Mountain National Forest 4 times per year!!!
Let's stop this!

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