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Tired of all that junk mail?
Let's get rid of it!

We can help you get rid of those unsolicited catalogs, credit card offers, advertisements, flyers, sales promotions, and inserts. Pick and choose what you want to get rid of or keep. Use our services as much as you want and discontinue at any time, without obligation...


When you enroll in USJunkmail.com, we will plant a tree on your behalf!
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    Take advantage of our easy-to-use online systems
    Pick and choose what junk mail you want to eliminate
    Click on the junk mail deletion technique you prefer (online, telephone, mail)
    Watch your unwanted postal junk mail significantly decline within months
    Re-visit our site periodically to maintain control of your mailbox

  Why is this so important?
Protect your identity!
Almost 10,000,000 Americans a year are now victims of identity theft
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Protect the environment!
Over 100 million trees are cut down every year just for postal junk mail
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Save yourself time!
No more having to wade through stacks of clutter to get to your important mail
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How to solve your junk mail problems?
Junk mail defined


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