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How to solve your junk mail problems?


Refresh your postal mailbox with USJunkmail.com. Our simple-to-use online system enables you to work together with USJunkmail.com, to promptly notify unwanted junk mailers to delete your name and private information from their databases. The junk mailers then become responsible and liable for deleting your information from their databases. Most junk mailers update their databases every 3 to 6 months, so you should notice a substantial decrease in your requested unwanted junk mail during that time frame. Because there are thousands of people who have access to your family's sensitive information, our systems are formatted to allow you to regularly revisit us online to notify us of any unwanted junk mailers who are still sending you junk mail. If necessary, our additional techniques, including possible legal notifications, can be implemented to eradicate the problem.

Many consumers may inadvertently fall back into databases as a result of purchases, warranty cards, rebates, contests, credit card applications, change of address, subscriptions, and a number of other data base mining techniques used by junk mailers -- our systems are designed to enable you to prevent many of these occurrences in advance and to delete new junk mail that may surface later. Our ongoing relationship allows you to regain control of your mailbox and reduce your daily diet of junk mail.

For a limited time, the proceeds from USJunkmail.com beyond operating costs will be applied directly to the development of GreenAlert.org., an independent, non-profit worldwide community devoted to addressing the earth’s most urgent environmental problems and contributing to sustainable living on our planet. By providing comprehensive and current information on a wide array of green issues, GreenAlert.org aims to increase public awareness and activism in order to seek solutions to our rapidly growing environmental concerns. With numerous esteemed published scientific studies, including those from NASA, continuing to confirm that global warming is a clear and present danger to healthy human life on earth, it is imperative that we make concerted efforts to find ways to heal our habitat.

It is your home, your choice, your privacy, your identity, and your earth. Please join USjunkmail and regain control of your mailbox! For a nominal fee and a few simple steps, we invite you to join USjunkmail to act as your gatekeeper for those unwanted mails, advertisements and catalogues that arrive at your door unannounced each day, every week, and every year.


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