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Plain and Simple:
You want a career, and we've got a money making one for you!

About the job Help people get rid of unwanted postal junk mail, which can help protect against identity theft, help the environment, and save lots of time. With over 355,000,000 mailboxes, there is an endless income opportunity for you.
Our mission The facts are in! Environmental waste is a huge global problem, and you can be part of the solution. Over 100,000,000 trees are cut down every year just for postal junk mail. This is comparable to deforesting the Rocky Mountains 4 times a year.
The need Our survey results show that over 90% of all Americans don't want to get unwanted postal junk mail, but less than 1% know how to get rid of it.
Our guarantee We guarantee that you will never have to buy or invest money to work with U.S.Junkmail.com, Inc. and our reputation already proves it. No kits, MLM, deposits, investments, nothing...just your time and effort.
Commissions Earn 50% commissions and get even more in monthly renewals on your accounts.

U.S.Junkmail.com, Inc. is fully licensed and considered in "good standing" with all major state, federal, and regulatory agencies.
Resources We've got the FREE resources to help you earn a great income for yourself and really make a difference.
Questions Please e-mail Rep@USJunkmail.com.
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