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Identity theft


Last year almost 10 million Americans were victims of identity theft.


Over 52 million Americans had their personal information compromised in 2005.


Unsolicited mail has become a significant enough problem that the Federal Trade Commission has issued a “Consumer Alert” and consumer regulations on the subject.


Junk mailers employ many elaborate systems to gather, buy, sell and distribute citizens’ personal identities, biographical information, and otherwise private data.

To create the mailing lists to send this uninvited and usually unnecessary mail, your personal and private information is gathered by marketing firms, data collectors, list companies and others---without you even knowing it. Although the term “junk mail” was prevalent enough to find its way into our everyday jargon in the 1950’s, not until the advent of computers and large databases did junk mail become so problematic. When junk mail became a household word, identity theft was not a concern, environmental waste was not America's priority, and people really did not realize how much time they wasted sorting through junk mail.  

Now, night and day, junk mailers research and collect a host of your personal and sensitive information, social security numbers, credit information, household incomes, shopping habits, family PCI card holders names, changes of address, and a host of different personal and sensitive information. Your data is combed from such items as USPS change of address forms, warranty cards, credit card purchases, contest entries, questionnaires, magazine subscriptions and catalogue purchases. Your private information and personal data is then processed and commonly sold, distributed, shared with or licensed to others over and over again without your knowledge and express permission. This information is used for a variety of purposes, including use by direct marketing firms who target you and other unsuspecting individuals like you for massive million ton bulk mailings.

Not only can your privacy and the sanctity of your home be better preserved by joining USJunkmail, you can help lessen your chances of being one of the many millions of Americans who are victims of misinformation, compromised identity and identity theft each year. It is a common enough event that insurers are now offering separate identity theft insurance products. Extracting yourself from an identity theft situation is an arduous and often expensive situation. Reducing or eliminating junk mail from your mailbox may help reduce your chances of identity theft.

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