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Junk Mail Facts

Junk mail numbers

bullet In 2005, the US Postal Service delivered over 100 billion (100,000,000,000) pieces of junk mail -- over 75 times the overall human population of China.
bullet Last year alone, over 11.6 billion pounds of junk mail were delivered across America.
bullet On average, each one of the US Postal Service's 300,000 letter carriers deliver over 20 tons of bulk mail each year -- the weight of 4 elephants.
bullet 2005 is the first year in recent US Postal Service history that standard mail (junk mail) deliveries have surpassed 1st class mail.
bullet A typical response rate to this mountain of paper junk mail is merely 1% to 2%-- leaving the remaining 98% of paper bulk mail as waste for deposit in our crowded landfills – hence “junk mail”.

Laws, regulations and spending

bullet The US Postal Service is at the center of a $900 billion mailing industry, and well over $200 billion of that commerce consists of junk mail business.
bullet Due in part to the passage of the National Do Not Call Registry and Internet anti-spamming legislation, mass marketers have turned to direct mail even more to send out unsolicited advertisements.
bullet Over $320 million taxpayer dollars are spent annually to dispose of junk mail.

Other countries

bullet The U.S. handles 41% of the world’s mail volume with the closest competitor being Japan with a meager 6%.
bullet Many industrialized nations including Germany, France, and Canada have had anti-junk mail programs in place for years, allowing their citizens to reject junk mail. Residents have been displaying “No Advertising Allowed” stickers on their mailboxes for years—a practice which is prohibited under US law and regulations.

Our own research findings

bullet Our surveys reveal: 8 out of 10 people with Internet access would prefer online billing, marketing and online catalogs vs. traditional postal mail.
bullet 75% of consumers think that more than 1/2 of their mail is junk mail—which correlates with USPS data.
bullet Consumers want to get rid of over 90% of their junk mail.
bullet According to our research, the average junk mail in each mailbox is responsible for $24,400 of financial waste during a lifetime including labor, material, and postage.


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