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bullet The typical American spends 8 months opening unsolicited junk mail over the course of a lifetime.
bullet On average, each American household and business receives almost 710 pieces of junk mail every year – over 40 pounds of it.
bullet Almost 1/2 of all junk mail is discarded completely unopened, and generally over 98% of all junk mail does not even receive responses from the intended recipients.
bullet Even though the internet is available to millions of users, mailboxes are getting stuffed now more than ever – an increase of over 30 billion pieces of direct mail as compared to in 1990.
bullet Over 2/3 of all paper shredders are purchased just for the disposal of mail containing sensitive information, including personal and private data of American citizens.

Regularly rifling through your junk mail is an irritant, a serious annoyance, and an unnecessary exercise in an already busy daily life. Junk mail is often an uninvited stranger at your home.

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